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Speakerbus Call Recording Solution

CIS Crystal Quality offers certified solutions for Speakerbus.
Speakerbus is a leader in delivering world-class, innovative and mission-critical telephony solutions to global Fortune 1000 corporations within the financial services sector.

CIS has many years’ experience in providing advanced, high-quality and reliable recording services with perfect integration to Speakerbus.

CIS provides management streamlined voice trading communications, for all types of recordings (telephony, mobile phones, screen captures and more) using a simple, easy to operate and modern-looking user interface.

By offering convenient pricing plans, enabling your business to choose the most suitable requirements, providing the most benefits and at a most cost-effective price.
Compliance recording enables financial institutions & trading floors of all sizes, to prove their calls are recorded, securely stored, and archived in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements

Speakerbus CIS Crystal Quality Solutions
CQ screen IP Recording CIS Crystal Quality Call Trading Room

CQ Speakerbus IP recording

  • As a unique recording solution dedicated to Speakerbus, CQ will be simulated as a group of virtual SIP extensions and get RTP (Voice Stream) from iTurrets.
  • CQ Proxy interacts with iCDS and iCMS, CQ Proxy uses CDR-Link of ICDS and iCMS to receive call event reports and call information concerning particular channel, call information and can use those event reports as recording triggers.
  • Once a channel conversation is started, the recording will be triggered
  • ROD- During a phone call, the user can press a function key on their phone to start/stop call recording, this can be done on a desk phone and softphone.
The system can record and manage

Voice, Screen, Mobile calls and text in an All-In-One system

Our Joint Solution

CIS is a Speakerbus partner and has various integration solutions with all of Speakerbus’s communication protocols. Screen, Voice & Mobile.

Speakerbus long-standing track record of delivering world-class critical voice collaboration solutions to leading financial institutions.

If you’d like to hear more from CIS experts, contact  CIS professional team.

CIS Crystal Quality advantages recording CQ Speakerbus IP SIP extensions