Screen Activity Capturing

Crystal Quality® Screen Recording

An application that enables you real-time live monitoring and the ability to capture screen activities for various business purposes, such as service performance assurance, coaching, etc.
  • Simultaneously replay with voice recordings but save the files separately.
  • Benefit from the CIS proprietary video compression algorithm and minimize your network load without compromising the quality of the screen recording.
  • Light and simple application that uses minimal resources from the agent PC.
  • Supports all types of screen resolutions, including 1920 X 1080P (Full HD).
  • User defined color setting between 8 bits (256) color to 24 bits true color in order to save storage space and reduce network load.
  • A flexible way to record screens, including total recording, sampling recording, recording on demand.
  • Saves you license fees with CIS Unique DLA (dynamic license authorization).
  • Simultaneous live monitoring of multiple agent screens.
  • Capture screens from the beginning of a call until the end of a wrap-up action – not only until the end of the voice conversation.
  • Pause and resume screen recordings and encrypt the recording to meet compliance PCI-DSS requirements.