Screen and Voice Recording

Crystal Quality® Screen Activity Recording

When it comes to improving agent performance and interaction with the customer,
there is a need for effective recording and analyzing of the agent actions.
The CQ Screen Recording captures and records screen activities synchronized with
phone calls for various business purposes, such as service performance assurance, coaching, etc.
CQ Recording Solutions enables compliance and quality monitoring in your contact center.

Voice & screen recording software features:

  • Recorded files are saved separately .
  • Minimize your network load, without compromising screen recording quality.
  • CQ Screen Recording proprietary video compression algorithm.
  • Simple application that uses minimal resources from the agent PC.
  • Supports screen resolutions, up to 1920 X 1080P (Full HD).
  • User defined color setting.
  • On demand recording.
  • CIS Unique DLA (dynamic license authorization).
  • Continued recording of after-call work when the phone conversation ends.
  • CQ Screen Recording meets the compliance of PCI-DSS regulatory requirements.

Screen Recording & Voice:

  • Simultaneously replay the screen recording in sync with the voice recording
  • Record screen activities associated with voice interactions
  • Evaluate client interactions, discover causes of behavior
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CQ screen IP Recording CIS Crystal Quality Call Trading Room

Live Monitor Screen Recording:

  • Live-monitoring of single or multiple agents at one time
  • Record screen activities, keystrokes, navigation
  •  Audit interactions

Find out how to improve your agent performances for your business with CIS Screen & Voice Recording.

Request CIS to contact, discuss your requirements, provide more screen & voice recording details.