Quality Management Suite:

Improve & Manage Contact Center Performance

  • Reports Includes: Evaluation, scoring, silent monitoring and screen capturing.
  • Reporting Tool: Web-based application platform has a private owned scoring form designer.
  • Ease of Use: Create scoring forms using the drag & drop method.
  • RFE (Request for Evaluation): Create your own business rules for distributing agent evaluation tasks for supervisors.
  • Recording & Scoring Statistics: Multiple out-of-the-box report templates which cover most reporting needs.
  • Templates: Create your own report templates to meet your organization’s rules.
  • Calibration: Keep all evaluators synchronized throughout the organization



Avdor CIS evaluation form is the most visible component of the program and is necessary for all QM programs,
whether the organization is doing QM manually or using an automated system.

Easy to use, the form additionally enables a non-technical supervisor or evaluator easily create dynamic
evaluation forms which meet the needs of each particular contact center.

Crystal Quality® Evaluation Forms contains the following information:

  • Details: Call details, call type, agent evaluated and evaluator.
  • Dates: Transaction, date of evaluation, customer profile.
  • Evaluation Samples: Verification, product/plan knowledge, procedure knowledge, system knowledge, communication skills, resolution, skills.
  • Q&A scheme.
  • Scoring – Point values for each question / section of the evaluation form.
  • Includes: Point values; available & earned. Based on the importance of each section of business / customer, different point values can be assigned.
  • Recommendation Section: A free-form text box, allows reviewers add written notes.
  • Tip Features: Follow-up tasks for agents to complete; ie: Take a specific training e-learning course, review as good sample.
  • Coaching comments
  • Fully customizable: According to business targets.
  • Templates: Free form designer & evaluation form – increasingly aids efficiency by drafting forms – saves costs.
  • Web-based Portal: Quality and Performance is quickly and objectively assessed of local and remote agents.

Calibration is the key to ensuring reviewers evaluate transactions consistently, boosting operational efficiency, achieving accurate and credible results.
Streamline operations, which benefit today’s compliance-driven recording environment.
The foundation for maintaining initiative and solidarity in company teamwork.

The Crystal Quality® calibration module aids by:

  • Keep all evaluators synchronized throughout the entire organization.
  • Develop more effective evaluation forms.
  • Consistently apply evaluation criteria.
  • Enhance your agents’ perception of the program’s credibility and fairness.
  • Generate reports to reflect scoring variances for future discussion.

Designed for Overall Performance:

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality® offers a 100% graphic display and a free reporting tool that enables you to customize reports in any format desired.
Our comprehensive reports enables easy viewing the status of key metrics, enabling seeing effective improvements have on these metrics.

These reports significantly increase efficiency for a variety of organizations in building their own specific report templates.

Agent Report CIS Crystal Quality Call Recording for business