CIS Fully Supports The PCI-DSS Standard


Fully Compatible With PCI-DSS Standard

The PCI-DSS is a global standard that was founded in 2006 by the five major credit card companies- VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover. The credit companies created the strict standard in order to ensure that credit card data is protected in any environment where they are stored, transferred or processed.


The PCI-DSS includes various requirements for implementation of information in order to ensure protection in organizations holding with the credit card information.


As a world-class leader in providing recording solutions for large and medium enterprises and businesses, CIS is doing its utmost to protect the information and privacy of users transmitted through its pipelines. As a part of it, the company has fulfilled all the requirements of the PCI-DSS and it has compliance by the organization, which has been granted the strict privacy of end users.

CIS PCI DSS compliant


  • 1. Preventing And Avoiding From Frauds
    By securing your customers’ personal information
  • 2. Improve Customer Relationship
    By decreasing the data breach significantly
  • 3. Increasing profit
    As a direct result from the secured, elegant and comprehensive recording solution

Securing Your Database And Protect Your Customers

So How Does CIS Recording System Perform PCI-DSS Compatibility? 

    1. API Control Pause\Resume Recording- The PCI-DSS standard requires that all security codes wouldn’t be saved. CIS allows its users to start, stop and continue the same conversation and recording, without storing any sensitive information.
    2. Audit  Trail- The advanced recording system of CIS includes extensive and advanced critical activity that provides a database of all activity in a chosen period, including who has access to certain areas, by whom a specific action was performed and many more.
    3. Robust Password Policy- A powerful and complex password mechanism that works automatically and ensures secured privacy, from the first line.
    4. Recording files encryption base on AES – Encrypted recording files with AES-256 according to the industry’s best practice.
    5. A World-Class Secure Web Platform– The system uses HTTPS TLS V1.2, a secure web technology.
    6. SSL secure web services communication.
PCI-DSS CIS compability
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