We offer an on premise and cloud based solution for our SMBs to Enterprise customers. Our solution has been chosen by more than 700 customers across the globe and aides our customers saving money on disputes. Committed to your success, we recognize and value partner relationship – the foundation for business growth.

Your business needs are unique. Avdor CIS works with an array of dependable reseller partners for the varied requirements of any contact center, call centers small and large alike. Speak with us today, lets build a program to adapt to the ever changing needs – each partner is unique. Take advantage of our informative introduction call, create your own solution with our Crystal Quality training & support.

Avdor CIS Partners Program

CIS partners with leading technology companies by offering a unified recording solution to many customers.

We are a partner focused company that cherishes its business connections, supporting the extensive solutions range of CIS.

When you decide to partner with us, you partner with a call recording expert, which helps your growth strategy by strengthening your position in the market. CIS will support your marketing needs alongside your technical inquiries.

CIS Business Partner Program, to grow your business.

The Program Delivers Results By

  • Helping Your Growth

    CIS Crystal Quality runs a channel model which means we constantly create marketing and sales collateral which are designed to drive demand.

  • Empowering your business

    Our solutions are designed to help your business provide recording solutions while assuring a profitable contribution to your company.

  • We are committed to working closely with our partners to ensure our mutual success.

  • We are constantly seeking for new Resellers / Integrators / partners.


As a Partner, you Receive all Required Support to Make It Easier for You to Generate Additional Revenue.

Training at your facility:

  • Overall System View
  • Business & Marketing
  • Technical / Hands-on
  • Training


  • Pre-sale
  • Technical
  • Documentation
  • Lead Sharing


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Our global network of partners are certified by CIS CQ Crystal Quality, and play an important role to provide implementation & support on CIS Solutions.

CIS partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the level of service that your businesses expects.


The more you invest in CIS, the more you earn.