Full Interoperable Integration

with all Mitel Platforms

Avdor CIS Call Recording Solution for Mitel

As leader in supply world-class software experience, Avdor CIS offers full integration with Mitel’s systems, according to its requirements and configurations. CIS is an authorized Mitel partner, complying with the demands of many business owners and organizations around the world while issuing a customized recording system for their needs.

We provide businesses Mitel recording solutions to record telephone conversations as part of normal business practice, compliance with industry specific or regional regulations such as PCI-DSS and covers MiFID II demands.

As Avdor CIS client, you can choose whether you want a continuous recording of all incoming and outgoing calls, or on-demand recording by pressing a button. There are many more customized functionalities created and adapted over the years by CIS for its customers.

Mitel Authorized Partner CIS Call Recording

Regulations that Affect Call Recording

Compliance Features

  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • GDPR

Features of the call recorder can be used to help comply with local regulations: Pause / Resume Recording

Avdor CIS Mitel Call Recording
Meets Your Interaction Recording Needs

Voice, Screen, Mobile Calls & text in an All-In-One system

CQ Mitel IP Recording Principles

  • As a unique recording solution dedicated to Mitel, CQ will be simulated as a group of virtual SIP extensions and get RTP (Voice Stream) from iTurrets.
  • CQ Proxy interacts with iCDS and iCMS, CQ Proxy uses CDR-Link of ICDS and iCMS to receive call event reports and call information concerning particular channel, call information and can use those event reports as recording triggers.
  • Once a channel conversation is started, the recording will be triggered
  • During a phone call, agent presses a function key on their phone to start/stop call recording – either a desk telephone or softphone.
Additional Business Insights
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Our Joint Solution

CIS offers integrated certified solutions, an authorized Mitel partner and has various integration solutions with all of Mitel’s communication protocols.
Solutions to recording and analyze communications, phones:
Discuss recording Mitel for your contact center today for your enterprise with Avdor CIS.