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100% Integration With:

CIS Business Solution to Record, Store, Search, Analyze, Archive, Customer Communication

For nearly two decades, CIS Call Recording has been providing solutions for all types of business recordings to large and medium enterprises, primarily in the financial, government and health sectors. CIS is the only company offering a comprehensive solution under one roof for all business systems, including call recording, call screen recorder, video call recorder, mobile recording, telephone recorder, VoIP call recorder, recording emails, call center software, Skype for Business recording, phone call recorder, call log, voice analytics and more.

From a spatial and comprehensive perspective, CIS call recording software is 100% integrated with all the world’s telecommunications giants; Cisco, Microsoft (Skype for Business), Avaya, Genesys, Mitel, Huwawei, Speakerbus and more. Moreover, CIS is recognized as a business partner of programs such as Cisco Recording Partner, Avaya DevConnect and Genesys Partner.

Based on this technological-business partnership, the CQ system, the CIS recording console, was developed, improved and updated throughout the years.

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    Why CIS?

    • MiFID II & PCI-DSS compliant recording
    • Online and/or offline video and/or call monitoring.
    • Voice Analytics- Listening to voice interactions in order to reveal people’s core characteristics and leveraging the power of voice- linking speech patterns with personal tendencies to forecast individual behavior (BI).
    • Call, Screen, Mobile, and SMS\IM Recording – With the CQ system- A simple, easy-to-use and advanced recording system, a manager can listen to customer communication at any given moment, stop, record, share and all according to pre-authorized permissions and licenses. You can also search by keyword, customer name, and if you use the Voice Analytics option – you can also find calls by segments of the call.
    • PBX, SIPREC & SIPTRUNK- CQ – The world’s most advanced business recording system, can record any type of PBX, specially adjusted to SIPREC and SIPTRUNK, and any type of data traffic/communication, including BRI, Digital, PRI, Analog.
    • Agent Personal Panel – A smart tool for custom management of a representative through agents desktop, via CIS provided application. The representative will be able to stop recordings, listen, add relevant information to the conversation at any stage and more, with a click.
    • Personalized program – Partial recording, full and automatic or on demand – choose the path which suits you – automatic and complete recording of all incoming and outgoing calls, on-demand recording or limited recording up to a certain number of extensions/lines and a certain number of licenses.

    MiFID CIS Crystal Quality Call Recording for business
    PCI DDS Compliant CIS Crystal Quality
    Recording software CIS Crystal Quality