Welcome to Crystal Quality®

Your Innovative Multimedia Interaction Recording, Monitoring and Performance Optimization Solution


Crystal Quality® is one of the most innovative, up-to-date call and screen data interaction recording solutions available on the market.

Crystal Quality® offers the most comprehensive recording and monitoring solution to fit all types of environments and customer needs. From TDM to VoIP, from smaller contact center operations to large, multi-site, multi-branch, high-end environments, from total recording to business-oriented selective and controlled recording, PCI-DSS compliant and tools for improving business.

Call Search & Playback

With the Crystal Quality powerful call search engine, you can quickly and easily search, locate and share recordings.

  • Locate recordings quickly and accurately according to multiple search criteria.

Date, time, CID, DID, direction, duration, Agent and more.

  • Save the most frequently used search combinations.
  • Follow up on call routes using Crystal Quality’s scenario reconstruction.
  • Download fully or partially recorded files and shared them by e-mail.


Playback Capabilities

  • Web-based Player
  • Playback recordings from the local hard drive, backup device, and network device.
  • Export only partial section form a long recording


Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring:

Listen to live calls with just one click.

  • Monitor agents’ call status.
  • Monitor agents’ calls in real time.
  • Monitor agents’ screens at any time.
  • Instant playback, while the call is still in progress supervisors/dispatchers, makes decisions in real time.
live Monitoring CIS Recording

Storage Archive and Recycle


The Crystal Quality® advanced archiving feature ensures data security and integrity by providing a strong and flexible archiving strategy spanning multiple storage media devices such as NAS, SAN and FTP servers.

  • support local and remote voice and screen archiving.
  • Recordings schedule to simultaneously archives to local hard drive, remote FTP servers or NAS to secure the data.
  • FIFO or keep policies for data recycling.
  • Separate recycle rules for voice, screen and voice + screen.
storage cis screen recording pbx crystal quality


  • Integration – As a total, cross-platform recording solution, Crystal Quality® provides wide support to a variety of PBX platforms, CTI integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys and more.
  • Supported PBX list – Crystal Quality supports recording compatibilities with all major TDM, analog and VoIP PBXs vendors.

User Management

The Crystal Quality® User Management feature enables you to manage all users at your contact center or organization based on the concepts of role and group. Crystal Quality security is designed to assure that your system functions are only accessible according to the permission granted by the system administrator.

  • User/Agent

    Addressing the basic building blocks of the organization or call center. Each user may be granted access to replay recordings, evaluate calls, etc.
    while belonging to different groups.

  • Group

    Each user/agent belongs to a different group according to his job and skills. Regardless of the complexity of your organizational structure, you can manage it by organizing multiple groups.

  • Profiles/roles

    This is a set of privileges or access rights to the system. A profile will be assigned to each user. Each time the privileges in a profile are updated, the change will be dynamically filtered throughout your user database.

User Management CIS Call Recording

Security Diagnostics and Alarm System

  • Enhanced Security

    Crystal Quality® is designed to fully meet the strict security requirements dictated by the PCI-DSS compliance regulations.

  • High availability, no single point of failure. Prevents loss of data.
  • Strict user-defined password and user permission management.
  • Crystal Quality® provides Microsoft AES 256 – bit encryption algorithm.
  • Crystal Quality® supports Secure Socket Layer/ Transport Layer Security (SSL/ TLS) to secure transporting recordings and call information over the network.
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Supports MD5.
  • Detailed audit trail log that records all user activity within the system.