Why Crystal Gears™ - product Overview

    To ensure compliance with increased strict regulations, customer service quality, employee productivity,
    sales Verification and business intelligence, Call recording system have become more and more popular and
    crucial to organizations worldwide. It has the same meaning to SOHO, SMB, Enterprise and Home Agents.

    Crystal Gears™ is the most progressive, groundbreaking desktop call recorder available today in the market. With the integration of a number of cutting edge technologies, Crystal Gears™ empowers you to capture both IP and TDM communications with the same or even better degree of reliability offered by traditional server based recording system.
    Crystal Gears® (CG in short) is a unique next generation desktop digital call recording system like no other before. By widely compatible with most popular telephony communication platforms, CG is the first Desktop recorder around the world that capable of recording any type of telephone set, Analog, Digital or VoIP.

    CG supports all telephone set’s, analog, digital and VoIP, all you need is to install the CG software application on Your computer and connect the interface modules (CG TDM Box for Analog & Digital phones or CG VoIP Box for IP phones) to the phone base. For the recording of IP soft phones and some VoIP hard phone that support “Span to PC” feature like Cisco and Yealink SIP phones there is no need for any interface model.

    Lowest Total Cost Ownership

    Crystal Gears is fully portable recording solution, without any expensive voice card, simply install CG software and CG Interface Box, all telephony interactions together with a plenty of call information will be captured without any interruption.

    Easy Transition from Traditional Circuit-Switched telephony (TDM) environment to VoIP

    If you use CG application to record your Analog or Digital phone set and you replace your phone set to VoIP type there is no need to buy new CG, just replace the interface module from CG TDM Box to CG VoIP Box.

    With packet sniffing and signaling analysis technologies, Crystal Gears™ supports a variety of IP phones and IP PBX, like SIP, Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, Tadiran, Nortel, Panasonic, NEC, LG, Siemens, Shoretel, Aastra, RTP etc.…

    Main Features and Benefits

    Multi Language GUI
    Multi-language Graphical User interface (GUI) Support.
    Highly Secured Solution
    • File encryption basing on private algorithm AES 128 bit
    • User defined password protection
    • Recording can be paused and resumed in case of any sensitive data
    Automatic and Manual recording
    Automatically or manually recording for incoming and outgoing calls.
    Auto Login
    Enables users to define the CG to work exactly in the mode they want.
    User Self-Definition of folder structure and File naming
    If you handle many calls every day it is crucial to save and archive those records in a neat and tidy way basing different operations. CG provides you an intelligent way to protect your records – simply define the structure of your folder and file format of your recording files.
    Once you defined your own folder structure, call records will be saved according to predefined criteria. You can name the recording files in most philosophical way based on combination of few call information.
    Quickly locate your Recorded calls
    • Freely combine up to 12 searching criteria enables you to located the records
    quickly and precisely
    • Frequently used searching condition combination can be saved for quick search
    Powerful Search Capabilities
    Past Recordings can be found easily by using the integrated searching facilities:
    • Search by Date & Time (From to)
    • Search by Call duration (From to)
    • Search by Notes
    • Search by Remarks
    • Search by Importance.
    • Search by name (the user name that login to the system)
    • Search by extension number (which the user enter manually)
    • Search by Caller ID for incoming calls (for VoIP and analog line recording)
    • Search by Called ID for outgoing calls (for VoIP and analog line recording)
    • Search by Direction of the calls
    • Search by reference number
    Playback Files
    • Replay multiple records circularly or in sequence
    • Play, Pause, Stop
    • Easy navigation through calls (next, previous)
    • Counter and Clock time on player slider
    Instant Replay
    Enables you to replay the call from the beginning while the call is still in record.
    PnP (Plug and Play)
    Fully automated software installation and configuration
    Backup and Archive
    • Records and save telephone calls on your PC hard drive in MP3, Microsoft GSM,
    and Stereo PCM format.
    • Archive or saved files simultaneity to any hard drive or network drive.
    • High performance compression to save disc space.
    Operating system
    Running on Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7, 8, 10
    Export Recordings
    • Past Recordings can be E-mailed as attachments and archived for future
    reference, all the call information (date, caller ID, notes…) will be add also and
    send automatically.
    • Export to Excel (Call information only)
    • Batch export to any user defined location (record files)
    • Save recorded audio in MP3, Microsoft GSM and PCM
    in any user defined location
    • Ability to Delete recording files
    Crystal Gears available in three versions
    1. Software only (for soft phone, USB phone and VoIP
    hard phone support ``Span to PC `` feature)
    2. With CG TDM Box (for Analog phones - Full call
    information, Digital phones - without CID)
    3. With CG VoIP Box (for VoIP hard phone, full call
    Add Notes
    During a call, additional notes can be add to the automatic
    or manual initiated recording
    Recording Length
    Ability to defined minimum and maximum record length

    CG Record Player

    CG VoIP Phone Recording

    CG support recording of almost all VoIP telephones, all you need is to install the CG software application on your computer and connect the interface module (CG VoIP Box). Or even without any interface model for the recording of IP soft phones and some VoIP hard phone like Cisco and Yealink SIP phones that support the “Span to PC” feature.

    Main Product Highlights:

    • Self-detecting of both protocol and IP address for IP phones makes it easier to setup and configured (no need to have IT knowledge background)
    • Widely support G.711, G.723, G.729, GSM, even G.722 which is more and more popular VoIP scenario
    • Record Fully Secured - Recording can be paused and resumed in case of any sensitive data
    • CG provides you Scenario Reconstruction technology to enable you to retrieve the multi-calls from the beginning to the end. No matter how many times the call has been held or conferenced
    • Full call information support (caller ID, Called ID, call direction …)

    Supported IP Phones

    supported ip phones shortel, panasonic, siemens, avaya, cisco, nortel

    System Architecture in different VoIP Scenarios

    VoIP Recording Scenario 1:
    Record VoIP hand phones with CG VoIP Box, Full call Recording information will be captured(voice and data)


    VoIP Recording Scenario 2:
    When Using Softphone or Hard Phones that support “Span to PC” feature there is no need for CG VoIP Box (only software license), full call information will be capture (voice and data)


    CG VoIP box

    As a unique network device designed by CIS, CG VoIP Box acts as a convergence point of a Network allowing the transfer of data packet copies.

    The CG VoIP Box duplicate the data packets received via one Port and makes it available to all ports, therefore allowing data sharing between all devices connected to this box.

    By widely interoperability to the most popular IP platform, CG decodes all kinds of VoIP protocol and extracts phone on/off hook events, which translated into call recording start/stop trigger message, as well as call information like Caller/Called ID, Call direction, Call Parking, Call Hold for future search. CG VoIP Box support recording of Poe and non-Poe phones


    CG Analog/Digital Phone RecordingCG supports also recording of Analog and Digital Phones, all you need is to install the CG software application
    on your computer and connect the interface module (CG TDM Box) to the phone base.

    System Architecture in different Scenarios:

    Analog Phone Recording Scenario:
    Tap Recording without any interruption, full call recording information will be captured (voice and data)


    Digital Phone Recording Scenario:
    CG supports handset connection approach to digital phone recording scenario. Without change any hardware or purchase software license, CG can be smoothly immigrated to digital telephony environment.
    Record all phone conversations by tapping on Handset, no call information.


    CG TDM box

    CG TDM Box is an interface adapter widely support both Analog (full CLID) and digital phone sets (recording from the Handset, voice activated recording)
    To be a total voice recording solution, CG has both voltage and energy detection capabilities. Featuring programmable voltage thresholds and loop reversal detection, the CG is easily configure to accommodate variations across analog networks.
    Full Call Information Support (for analog phone)
    With built-in Caller ID/FSK detector of CG TDM Box, all call information including Caller/Called ID will be captured


    Crystal Gear Centralized Management application (Crystal CM)

    Crystal CM enable you to connect up to 10 desktop reordering systems (CG’s) to a centralize management server.
    Each CG have the option to send a copy of his call recordings (voice + call information) to a predefined.
    Crystal CM server located inside the company LAN.
    With Crystal CM you can search and play all CG stations from a single location.