Full Integration With Cisco Unified Communications


Cisco is one of the most popular and advanced providers of information technology since 1984. As a part of the company progress throughout the years, Cisco established the “Cisco Solution Partner” program in order for call and screen recording companies to adjust themselves to be compatible with Cisco’s systems.

CIS as a member of the “Cisco Solution Partner Program”, leads 100% interoperable integration and cooperates with many of Cisco’s channel partner to provide the best solution for our customers. We establish, manage, advanced call screen recording solutions and quality management for call centers & contact centers.
The solution fully integrates with all Cisco’s platforms, such as Cisco CUCM, UCCX, & UCCE.

CISCO Solution Partner call recording software CIS

CISCO Call Recording Solution

Crystal Quality Call recording and monitoring solution provides proven integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager platform and supports both advanced Active call recording and passive span call recording configurations to perfectly suit a wide range of enterprises using Cisco communication platform.

CIS Solution Overview

Passive Mode:

Supports any version of Cisco IP phones.

Required a configuration of port mirroring (SPAN) on the network switch.

The switch mirroring to Crystal quality call recording system the signaling (Skinny or SIP UDP or SIP TCP) and the voice (RTP) packets.

Crystal Quality recording system decodes the incoming data packets to provide the original conversations and information like CID, extension number.

Generally used in SMB and small Call centers environments, simple network configuration, no need of CTI information, uses on/off-hook events to start and stop recording. Doesn’t matter if it is static IP or DHCP environment, Extension Number, MAC Address, IP address – only one of them is good enough to map the VoIP data stream to physical agent stations or extensions.

Free seating is supported on passive mode.

cisco passive mode

Active Recording Mode (Built-In-Bridge + TAPI):

In active mode, CUCM (Cisco Unified Call Manager) establishes SIP Trunk with Crystal Quality recording system and triggers Cisco IP phone to duplicate and forward VoIP packets (RTP) directly to the Crystal Quality Recorder, relying on Cisco phones forwarding capabilities (BIB, Built-in-bridge). Crystal Quality recording system uses JTAPI\TAPI link to CUCM to receive call information like extension number.


Active Recording mode in Cisco environment resolves many limitations cited in using passive recording approach and it is the best solution for large sites or customers that have multiple branches.


CIS Call Recording Cisco CQ now supports recording of Encrypted calls via BIB!

cisco active recording mode

Active Recording Mode - SIP Fork

This approach offers some benefits where the IP phones are off-site or in remote locations, or in situations where the network solution would be overly complicated.
In addition, greatly simplifies recording only external calls.
Stream received from the Cisco ISR that acts as the gate to PSTN but only when using SIPT or SIP connection to the provider.

sip fork cisco CIS Crystal Quality Call Recording Solutions
The system can record and manage

Voice, Screen, Mobile Calls and Text in an All-In-One System

Cisco Jabber Call Recording Solution

CIS Crystal Quality Call recording and monitoring solution has a proven integration recording Cisco Jabber and Jabber mobile.

Please note, in order to record Cisco Jabber mobile CM and expressway must be updated to one of the latest releases.

CISCO jabber CIS Crystal Quality

UCCE Integration

Crystal Quality Call recording and monitoring solution uses the socket connect to the PG server.

Call information is collected from PG server such as: Extension, connectionID, AgentID, callerID, calledID, call direction, and route call key id, route call key day and more.

CIS recording systems are officially certified by Cisco as supporting all it’s unified communication system.
If you’d like to read CIS Call Recording Certification, download or share, visit CIS Cisco resources page to review.

UCCE Integration Cisco CIS Crystal Quality Call Recording Partner Diagram

Our Joint Solution

CIS is a Cisco partner and has various integration solutions with all of Cisco’s communication protocols.

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