CIS Quality Management and Call Recording

Crystal Quality is an innovative, cost effective call and screen recording system with a Quality Management Suite

Call & Screen Recording


A unified, web-based multimedia recording solution for both TDM & VoIP environments. Tailored for call centers, municipalities, utility & financial institutions.

Mobile Recording


Mobile call recording solution allows an organization to record all business calls, without recording private calls.

Voice Analytics


Speech based predictive analytics solutions for enterprises, healthcare and human resources markets.

Quality Management Suite


An advanced call / contact center quality monitoring solution developed in-house by CIS Team. Agent scoreboards, dashboard-style reports.

100% Integration With:

Crystal Quality® is a unified, web-based multimedia recording solution for both TDM, analog & VoIP environments.
Identify service gaps, enhance customer experience by capturing, evaluating and analyzing customer interactions.

CIS Recording System are for office PBX phones such as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Huawei, Genesys and more.

Record screen, pure cellular calls with SMS, monitoring and verifications in real time.

The systems hardware allows call centers to record & digitally store all calls or part of them to allow playback.
Manage recordings, store and play the files easily. A tailor-made system with open architecture.

Expertise with Reputation in Recording Service Centers Based on SIPREC.


Mifidii FSA USSEC CIS call recording

Mobile Recording Regulation: Cellular laws worldwide

  • Europe: MiFID II EU Regulation enforces call recording including mobile in the financial industry.
  • UK: Financial Services Agency (FSA) world-leading regulations, enforcing call recording, including mobile.
  • USA: Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform with direct impact on contacting centers and trading rooms.

Predictive Speech Analytics: Innovative voice call analysis in real time

The CQ platform produces maximum RT audio quality, that can be matched to the

audio contained in the sampled phone call, if the telephony supports, it can be stereo,

agent at one side, customer at the other. Helps in identification and prediction of high risk

Predictive Speech Analytics CIS Call Recording Enterprise
Individuazione parole chiave: Crystal Quality® Transcription

Word Spotting: Crystal Quality® Transcription 

Keyword Spotting (KWS) identifies the occurrences of keywords

and/or key-phrases in audio recordings.

Agent Screen Monitoring: Crystal Quality® Screen Cap 

Real-time live monitoring gives you the ability to capture agent screen activities, for various business purposes, such as service performance assurance, coaching, etc.
Preforming simultaneous call and screen recording for optimal contact center is a requirement for your enterprise and customers. Screen and voice recordings are synced although each recording can be played independently.


Record, Store, Search, Analyze, Archive, Customer Communication

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