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Call Recording, Telephone

Voice & Screen Monitoring

Customer Interaction Call Recording

Intuitive and Powerful Call Search & Playback
  • Locate call recordings quickly and accurately, according to multiple search criterias.
  • Create predefined search templates.
  • Save most frequent used search combinations.
  • Follow up on call routes by using Crystal Quality scenario reconstruction.
  • Smart player based on waveform display with split audio view.
  • Download partial or full recorded call files then share by e-mail.
  • Save, e-mail or export single or multiple-recording interactions as secured standard files.

Search calls by any following combination criterias:

  • Customer self-defined data fields (reserved fields)
  • Call duration (from – to)
  • Date and time (from – to)
  • CLID or part of the number for incoming calls
  • Dialed number or part of the number for outgoing calls
  • Extension number
  • Agent name
  • Skill ID
  • Channel number
  • Channel name
  • User name
  • Call direction (incoming / outgoing or both)
  • Remarks and annotation
  • Agent / User / Group
  • Tags
  • Agent Evaluation Score
  • CTI references
  • Recording server number
  • Storage device
  • Recording that have been archived (backup)
  • Recordings that include screen recording
  • Reference number
Call-Search-&-Playback CIS Call Recording

Customer Interactions Business Call Recording

Intuitive and Powerful Call Search & Playback
  • Locate recordings quickly and accurately according to multiple search criteria.
  • Create predefined search templates.
  • Save the most frequently used search combinations.
  • Follow up on call routes using Crystal Quality scenario reconstruction.
  • Smart player based on waveform display with split audio view.
  • Download fully or partially recorded files and shared them by e-mail.
  • Save, e-mail or export single or multiple-recording interactions as Secured Standard Files.
Playback Capabilities
  • Web-based, no need to install any client application.
  • Play back recordings on the server’s hard drive, backup device, and network device.
  • Low and high-speed playback.
  • Loop playback.
  • Easy to navigate through calls.
  • Volume control.
Immediate Replay

Significantly improve work efficiency with Avdor CIS Crystal Quality “Instant Replay” feature. Supervisor missed audio conversation parts between a customer and field agent, such as issue arising during a telephone conversation – immediately retrieve the beginning of the call!

This aid call centers, contact center and supervisors or dispatchers to make real-time decisions!

Crystal Quality’s ® Unique Waveform
  • Visually represents the actual dB value.
  • No need to replay entire recordings; you can select any part of a recording on the waveform to zoom and playback.
  • Any segment of a voice recording can be saved as evidence or sampling for training (supervisor accessibility is required).
  • Customer and agent voices will be separated into two waveforms in VoIP recording environments.
  • Tag as many points as desired on the waveforms for future queries.
  • Key call information will be attached when the recording is played.
waveForm CIS

Live Monitoring CIS Recording

Live Monitoring:

Listen to live calls with just one click.

  • Monitor agents call status.
  • Monitor agents calls in real time.
  • Monitor agents screens at any time.
  • Instant playback while the call is still in progress.
live Monitoring CIS Recording

Storage Archive and Recycle

The Crystal Quality® advanced archiving feature ensures data security and integrity by providing a strong and flexible archiving strategy spanning multiple storage media.

Flexible, long-term storage and archive – Local and network storage and archive (Disk RAID, Disk Mirroring) are standard features of the Crystal Quality® recording solutions, which support archiving to any mass storage device such as NAS, SAN and FTP servers.

  • Supports local and remote voice and screen archiving.
  • Recordings can be simultaneously archived on the local hard drive, remote
  • FTP servers or NAS to secure the data.
  • Manual or scheduled archiving.
  • FIFO or keep policies for data recycling.
  • Separate recycle rules for voice, screen and voice + screen.
  • Backup by extension/group/user.
  • Backup one server or capsules of recording servers under centralized management.
  • Standalone player application for archived calls.
  • Backup

  • Local or network backup
  • You can define up to three backup devices
  • Manual backup or an automatic backup
  • Pre-programmed setup of backup recordings at a fixed data and time (periodically) – weekly, daily, monthly or immediately after the call has ended
  • Continue backup until there is no free space on DAT, DVD, Disk or NAS
  • Supported storage media

  • EMC
  • USB storage device
  • NAS (network access storage)
  • SAN (storage area network)
  • FTP server

CIS Integration Platforms

  • Supported PBX list – Avdor CIS Crystal Quality supports recording compatibilities with all major TDM, analog and VoIP PBX vendors.

    SIMENS, Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Panasonic, Astra, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Mitel, Tadiran, ShoreTel, Huawei, LG-Ericsson and more.

partners cis cisco avaya Call Recording

Data Collection

Special Integration:

  • CTI – Fully compliant with common CTI protocols such as CT Connect, GENESYS, TSAPI, CVCT, AVAYA AIC, TAPI and more.
  • SDK & API – Integration with third party applications such as CRM.
  • SMDR – Accepts SMDR information from PBX for call data.
  • Agent Application – Crystal Quality’s® unique tool for additional customer data collection.
  • Easy Agent – Free application for agent ID collection (from Windows users or by users existing in the Crystal Quality system).

Special Integration

  • Avaya DMCC

  • Cisco BIB

  • Cisco Fork

  • Genesys

  • ACME Packet – SIPREC

  • Mitel CRC

Crystal Quality® Planner

The Crystal Quality® Unique Planner empowers business to define how our Avdor CIS system works, meeting your business specifications. Define your desired recording methods, archiving, recycling, alarm and report strategy, and more.

  • Create your own recording strategy and rules for your business needs.
  • Create multiple tasks based on the following rules:
    • Direction of the call
    • Caller ID, called ID
    • Duration of the call
    • Groups, users, extensions
    • Score
    • Day of week
    • Month of year
    • Date in month
    • Start and stop time
    • Start and stop date
    • Extension
    • Create, Update and delete tasks
  • Create complex tasks based on rules and conditions

User Management

The Crystal Quality® User Management feature enables managing all users / agents at your contact center or organization based on the concepts of role and group.
CQ supports connectivity to LDAP to provide centralized security management.
Furthermore, you can import personal contacts from .CSV files.

Crystal Quality security is designed to assure that your system functions are only accessible to those users to whom permission has been granted by the system administrator. The administrator has full control over who can play back recordings, create and use evaluation forms and run reports. The user administration is divided into three areas:

  • User/Agent

    Addressing the basic building blocks of the organization or call center. Each user may be granted access to replay recordings, evaluate calls, etc.
    while belonging to different groups.

  • Group

    Each user/agent belongs to a different group according to his job and skills. Regardless of the complexity of your organizational structure, you can manage it by organizing multiple groups.

  • Profiles/roles

    This is a set of privileges or access rights to the system. A profile will be assigned to each user. Each time the privileges in a profile are updated, the change will be dynamically filtered throughout your user database.

User Management CIS Call Recording

Enhanced Security Diagnostics and Alarm System

  • Enhanced Security

    Crystal Quality® is designed to fully meet the strict security requirements dictated by the PCI-DSS compliance regulations.

  • Strict user-defined password and user permission management.
  • Supports verification codes.
  • Pause and resume recordings, mute and mask sensitive data (DTMF).
  • Multi-level access control (extensive rights can be defined for different
  • users).
  • Highest security compliance with PCI-DSS.
  • Crystal Quality® provides two encryption algorithms, a free proprietary
  • encryption algorithm and the Microsoft AES 256 – bit encryption algorithm.
  • Crystal Quality® supports Secure Socket Layer/ Transport Layer Security
  • (SSL/ TLS) to secure transporting recordings and call information over the
  • network.
  • Supports LDAP/Active Directory.
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Supports MD5.
  • File watermarking to ensure file authenticity.
  • Diagnostics and Alarm System

    Continuous self-diagnostics for major operation modules such as database operation, system hardware, storing and backup devices, etc. by using alarm types such as SMS and e-mail.

  • Automated alerts and notifications for any abnormal system behavior.
  • Monitoring of server and application behavior.
  • Special license notification for Crystal Quality® DLA.
  • Secure SQL database.
  • Search alarm history.
  • E-mail alerts to a specific person or group.
  • Audit trail for user activities.
Alarm Server CIS Call Recording
  • The alarm system provides monitoring for the following

  • Database / Disk / CPU / memory overload.
  • Failure to connect to the database.
  • CTI connection failed.
  • Service is down.
  • Configuration not found.
  • Recycle touch critical area.
  • VoIP/TDM module loading failure.
  • Software license was not found or has expired.
  • App heartbeat packet loss.
  • User locked.
  • NIC start failed, NIC heap package, heap channel package, recording start without RTP, channel reset, etc.
  • Notification Tool

    Pure alarm tool, designed for installation on each client computer.
    Provides the option of viewing the list of alerts on the client computer, monitoring, detection and quick solving in real time.

Notification Tool CIS Call Recording

Crystal Quality® Personal Home Screen

Graphic View Call Statistics

The Crystal Quality® personalized agent web dashboard allows building several customized statistical reports easily choose one to display – at a glance!
The Crystal Quality® Personal Dashboard helps organizations keep track of their call center activities.
The solution quickly highlights important call information such as: Call volumes, inbound and outbound traffic peaks, call handling times and more.

Personal Dashboard CIS Call Recording
  • Predefined dashboard graphs display the following information:
  • Users records over the past 7 days or the past month.
  • Users’ scores over the past 7 days or the past month.
  • Comparison of total records over the past months or 7 days.
  • Trends for users’ total records over the past month or 7 days.
  • Percentages for users’ total records over the past 7 days.
  • Trends for users average scores over the past 7 days.
  • Supervisors can easily create customized statistical reports based on their needs, such as:
  • Call duration statistics
  • Idle duration statistics
  • Call in and call out statistics
  • Weekly, monthly and annual statistics
  • Percent % of recording time statistics

The reports are displayed in several formats such as diagrams, charts, graphs and pie charts.