Avdor CIS + AudioCodes Israel Cooperation Announcement

Avdor CIS has the most integrated, connected, open and an advanced recording system, which contains a convenient and user-friendly interface. Every one of our call recording customers can build their own personal program, according to their business and personal requirements.

Avdor CIS Call Recording Solution for Huawei

Audiocodes with Avdor CIS CQ Crystal Quality

Crystal Quality®: Call, Screen & Mobile Recording software provides call & contact centers with a variety of recording options & solutions for your organization.

Avdor CIS are certified with AC SBC as a SIPREC recording system. Call, screen, mobile recording solutions.

Compatible SBC Integrations Using SIPREC:

Full integration with communication companies, such as: Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes, Ribbon, Dialogic, Oracle, and more.

audiocodes CIS Call Recording

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