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Capturing Business Avaya Communications

Avdor CIS is A Member Of The Avaya DevConnect Program

Monitor, record and store enterprise collaboration, communication, audit, PCI-DSS compliance, quality assurance and QM agent reporting requirements.

Avdor CIS is a registered developer in the Avaya DevConnect Partner Program and operates in accordance with the program guidelines in order to create full integration with Avaya’s platforms.

Here at CIS advanced Call Recording & Monitoring Solution for Avaya, active and passive recording solution for business enterprise multiple or single locations.

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Advanced Call Recording & Monitoring Solutions for Avaya

Increase Business Efficiency

Solution by Recording Mode:

  • Passive Tap Recording.
  • Avaya DMCC active recording – SSC single step conference.

Solution by Interconnected Interface:

  • ROD – Recording on Demand – controlled with phone button.
  • TSAPI connection – Provides extra call information and IVR information. (Telephony Server Application Programming Interface)
  • SMS – Records passive recording, without a phone IP address.
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The Passive Tap Avaya Recording Solution

On Avaya VoIP environment, Avdor CIS Crystal Quality CQ Recorder passively monitors RTP packet through port mirroring on the telephony network side (voice gateway, or directly on phones).

CIS Crystal Quality Recording system analyzes all RTP & signaling packets (H323 & SIP) and records all the calls and information.

Call information can retrieve from the network packets (d-channel) or from CTI (TSAPI).

Passive Tap Recording (Architecture)

avaya_passive_mode CIS communication manager
  1. Trunk Side Recording – Captures all outbound / inbound calls and data events by tapping the voice gateway. Call identification relying on Avaya AES for matching extension and Trunk ID (Calling party) please Keep in mind with a trunk side solution internal calls will not be recorded.
  2. Station Side Recording – All outbound, inbound call, internal calls will be recorded.
  3. CTI TSAPI Connection – Receives additional telephony data attributes including UCID, VDN, DNIS, ANI, agent name, and IVR information.

Active Call Recording Solution (DMCC)

Crystal Quality active recording solution for multiple \ single location environment gives you the ability to record actively without the need of port mirroring or any other network setting or special equipment.

TSAPI interface connection to monitor skill groups and agent stations.

DMCC\AES interfaces to capture media associated with the monitored agents for call recording.


Requirements for DMCC Active Avaya Recording:

  • Application Enablement Services (AES)
  • DMCC license per recorded channel
  • TSAPI-Basic Licenses per recorded channel
avaya active recording system CIS Call Recording
The system can record and manage

Voice, Screen, Mobile calls and text in an All-In-One system

Optional Features

  • Recording on-demand Controlled with Phone Button
    Ability to control manually recording operation by pressing recording button on phone\soft phone (custom button).
    For the Avaya solution to work, both licenses DMCC active recording environment and TSAPI license for each extension which requires controlling manually the recording.
  • Avaya SMS Integration
    Provides ability recording Avaya passive recording without entering a phone IP address.
    Simply set up extensions number to record and extension starts recording.
  • Integration AES \ CTI Integration
    Crystal Quality Recording System can integrate into Avaya by TSAPI connection (using TSAPI shared license) and provides agent ID, standard basic call information and extra call information taken from the above data for example (information that pressed on IVR).
optional features avaya CIS Crystal Quality Call Recording

Our Joint Solution

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality Recording Solutions is a registered Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner and has various integration solutions with all of Avaya’s communication protocols.

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