Agent Personal Panel

Essential Enterprise Solutions:
As an application running on the agent desktop, our unique Crystal Quality® agent application revolutionizes many aspects of the traditional recording system.

Contact center agents are required to provide first-rate customer service in business, required to interacts appropriately with customers – as they represent the voice of the company.
Recording calls and interactions for review and quality assurance is an important step towards achieving a high-quality customer service staff.

Improve Agent Performance:

  • Agents or supervisors can initialize recordings on-demand.
  • The agent can pause and resume recordings to block out sensitive data (such as credit card information- PCI compliance).
  • XML based Built call scripting template with up to 20 fields that can be customized according to company business rules.
  • Auto-popup when a call comes in, with all of the relevant information included.
  • Add notes to call information.
  • All data is collected and saved into a central database.
  • Using Crystal Quality APIs enables seamless integration of Crystal Quality agent application into any third-party application.
  • Enabled free seating by using agent ID based on Windows user login.
  • Live view of call status.
  • Standalone player for agent calls.

Here’s a view of CIS Call Recording Solutions Agent Personal Panel:

agent personal panel CIS Call Recording Solutions

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