About CIS

We take pride in our state of the art recording solution dedicated for call centers. With an extensive and major experience in the Telecom industry our solution is suitable for the diverse telephony infrastructures.

Our solution helps call centers identify service gaps and improve the customer’s experience. It captures, evaluates and analyzes customer interactions, thereby increasing customers’ loyalty in today’s competitive business environment.

We design, develop and market multimedia recording and monitoring systems and agent performance ptimization solutions for the global communications market.

We place product quality and technical service at the top of our agenda.

Established in 2011, CIS is a subsidiary of Ergocom Ltd. (part of the Avdor Group), with 15 years of Telecom experience. CIS is headquartered in Israel with a branch office in China, and a worldwide customer installation base.

Our company’s culture

We provide more than a recording solution. We act as a family and every one of our partners becomes our extended family. We invest in our family-friend work-life balance because we know that our main and important assets are our employees – happy employees lead to successful companies; happy employees lead to happy partners/customers and as a result, our turnover is minimal, aspire to zero.

We are proud with our service level and our informal approach. We are keen to listen to every request and we do our best to come up with innovative and creative solutions.

Our Global Network

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