Behavioral Speech Analytics

CIS Crystal Quality Solutions captures & retain voice conversations.

The technology works across different languages, cultures, and speech content.

How do you predict behaviors based on conversations?
Now you can determine in real-time callers behavioral tendencies, predict preferability for future behaviors, by analyzing a persons vocal patters in real-time & historical call analysis.

CQ Recording System for Recording Calls from Telephone Exchanges

Why choose Crystal Quality®?


Speech Behavioral Analytics


Does your business need to resources for loan default predictions, insurance claims predictions, reveal investment style of clients, in-house candidate assessment for HR, and assess whether employees are likely to leave?

Identify high converting leads in seconds by their voice. Speech-processing algorithm measures over 200 parameters every second and can be accurate on many different languages.

Ensure every action you take has the best possible impact on your organization.

Compliant with various regulative standards including ISO, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

Crystal Quality® Voice Analytics:

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