CIS Call Recording Solutions with Voicesense Technology:
Predictive Speech Analytics                               Voice Analytics CIS Call Recording

The CQ platform produces maximum RT audio quality, that can be matched to the audio contained

in the sampled phone call, if the telephony supports, it can be stereo, agent at one side, customer at the other.



  • Personal profiling through prosodic speech analysis:


    Prosodic – Non content aspects of speech, e.g. intonation, pace

  • CIS Crystal Quality + Voicesense


    We offer speech based predictive analytics solutions for enterprises, healthcare and human resources markets.

  • Enterprise Predictive Analytics

    • Risk assessment (predicting customers risk for insurance and banking)
    • Personalized marketing (predicting buying behavior)
    • Personalized retention (predicting loyalty behavior)

Enterprise Groups:

Sales Conversation

FinTech – Risk Management

Talent Recruiting & Retention

Voicesense harnesses prosodic acoustic analytics to create an objective