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Advanced Quality Monitoring Solution Management Software

Enhance customer experience by capturing, evaluating
and analyzing interactions with CIS Crystal Quality Solutions. 

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Quality Management: Improve customer experience simplify quality process with Crystal Quality® Evaluation Forms.

Streamline operations, which benefit today’s compliance-driven recording environment.

Details: Type of call, details, type, evaluated & evaluator, dates & profile

Process: Verification, system, product, plan & procedure knowledge. Resolution & communication skills.

Scoring & Coaching Comments: Point values for each form question + tips features.

Web Based Portal: Access of quality & performance of remote and local agents.


Designed for Overall Performance:
Crystal Quality® offers a 100% graphic display and a free reporting tool that enables you to customize reports in any format you desire.
Our comprehensive reports enables easy viewing the status of key metrics, so that you can see the effect that improvements will have on those metrics.

These reports significantly increase efficiency for a variety of organizations in building their own specific report templates.

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