Call & Screen Recording

A unified, web-based multimedia recording solution for both TDM & VoIP environments. Tailored for call centers, public safety, utilities, financial institutions.

Quality Managment Suite

Advanced Call Center Quality Monitoring solution
A proprietary Scoring form designer and a powerful reporting tool.

Agent Personal Panel

Actively collects additional business information. Controls recordings (PCI-DSS compliant pause and resume). Enables customer service representatives to collect and categorize business data.

Call recording and Screen recording

Crystal Quality® is compliant call and screen recording and quality management solution. It offers a wide range of functionalities that support various business requirements. Companies of all sizes can benefit from using Crystal Quality® to optimize business processes, resolve customer disputes, comply with legal requirements, reduce liability, increase employee productivity, and improve customer service.

Crystal Quality® helps call centers identify service gaps and improve the customer’s experience. It captures, evaluates and analyzes customer interactions, thereby increasing customer loyalty in today’s competitive business environment.

Robust and highly scalable, Crystal Quality® supports call recording solutions, from SMB to high-density contact centers, across several sites or servers, and time zones. This is achieved by unified web access to calls, screen clips, evaluations, and reports. With an embedded, extensively tested recording engine, Crystal Quality® records customer interactions on a variety of telephony interfaces comprised of analog, digital, VoIP and radio, and even agent screen activities. In this way, Crystal Quality® collects adequate data from your contact center or company employees, meeting all of your needs and much more.