Call & Screen Recording

A unified, web-based multimedia recording solution for both TDM & VoIP environments. Tailored for call centers, public safety, utilities, financial institutions.

Quality Managment Suite

Advanced Call Center Quality Monitoring solution
A proprietary Scoring form designer and a powerful reporting tool.

Agent Desktop Application

Actively collects additional business information. Controls recordings (PCI-DSS compliant pause and resume). Enables customer service representatives to collect and categorize business data.

Call recording and Screen recording

Crystal Quality® is compliant call and screen recording and quality management solution. It offers a wide range of functionalities that support various business requirements. Companies of all sizes can benefit from using Crystal Quality® to optimize business processes, resolve customer disputes, comply with legal requirements, reduce liability, increase employee productivity, and improve customer service.

Crystal Quality® helps call centers identify service gaps and improve the customer’s experience. It captures, evaluates and analyzes customer interactions, thereby increasing customer loyalty in today’s competitive business environment.

Robust and highly scalable, Crystal Quality® supports call recording solutions, from SMB to high-density contact centers, across several sites or servers, and time zones. This is achieved by unified web access to calls, screen clips, evaluations and reports. With an embedded, extensively tested recording engine, Crystal Quality® records customer interactions on a variety of telephony interfaces comprised of analog, digital, VoIP and radio, and even agent screen activities. In this way, Crystal Quality® collects adequate data from your contact center or company employees, meeting all of your needs and much more.

With Crystal Quality® Form Designer, it is simple to design agent scorecards and various dashboard-style reports in an easy-to-understand format that displays every aspect of the agent/call center’s performance.

Crystal Quality® broadens the traditional concept of Recording and monitoring systems by providing a unique application module called “Crystal Quality® Agent application”. This enables you to insert more customer data and undergo routine business procedures, or even control recording (record on demand). In addition, you can seamlessly integrate it into the existing CRM or other business system with APIs (application program interface).

Crystal Quality Building Blocks

A unified, web-based multimedia recording solution for both TDM, analog & VoIP environments.
Supports a wide range of telephony interfaces including analog trunk/ extension, digital trunk (ISDN BRI/PRI, E1/T1) and
digital extension, VoIP trunk/ extension, as well as discrete radios and trunked radios.

Scalable and modular

the hybrid configuration combines all TDM, VoIP extensions & trunks including screen activities and database in a single server, No extra-dedicated server for the database, CTI integration or storage server, thereby significantly lowering costs.
Remarkable high-density solution – 500 concurrent recordings per server

PBX & CTI integration

Crystal Quality® integrates with a variety of PBX platforms, CTI types and VoIP protocols, with proven integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys and more.


approaches to trigger call recording – total, selective, on-Demand, Scheduled and API driven.


Crystal Quality can be installed and used as standalone recording system for single site recording or as a satellite recording server for a larger communication network.

Multi-language support

The Crystal Quality user interface offers multi-language support.

Screen Recording

Record agent desktop screen activities individually or simultaneously, together with voice recording.

Passive TDM recording

Record digital phones, including full call details, without involving CTI integration.

Centralized recording management

Multiple recording servers from several locations can be managed and accessed as a single, unified call recording system

Flexible long-term storage and archive

Online network-based archive solution, automatic play recycled recording from the archive location.

Search and Playback

Plenty of searching criteria, combined with up to 20 customer defined business data fields, enable you to locate recordings quickly.

License policy

Simple and transparent with no hidden costs. All necessary functionalities come with the product package.

Open Standard Architecture

Crystal Quality was developed based on the principles of open standard architecture. This allows endless flexibility in connectivity, integration and customization, Including web-based platform, MS Windows Operating System, and SQL or Oracle databases. Running on industry standard hardware - You can choose your own server platform according to your preferences. You can also deploy Crystal Quality on a virtual machine.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Crystal Quality® complies with industry PCI standards, with a built-in solution for pause recording on credit card announcements.

Passive VoIP recording

Signaling and voice analyzing by port spanning/mirroring; record most protocols without CTI or PBX integration.

DLA – Dynamic license agreement

Concurrent recording license method, including a smart planner for predefined business rules, to achieve the maximum necessary interactions for a minimum cost.


The Crystal Quality® personalized web dashboard enables you to build several customized statistical reports, which you can chose to display at a glance.

Live Monitoring

Monitor audio and real time video directly from the web interface.


Crystal Quality allows for integration with additional metadata information received from various sources, such as CRM or any third party application
that supports web services capability.

Web-based user interface

Access Crystal Quality at any time and from any place with a web interface that is intuitive, user-friendly, high performance and reliable.

Crystal Quality Management Suite

The advanced call Center quality monitoring solution helps you monitor call center performance, make measureable improvements, save money and provide executives with valuable business insights.